“Kevin took his knowledge of training and nutrition and customized it to my abilities and needs, giving me huge athletic improvement and in the end a successful race. It was the equivalent of a year-long course on triathlon. The knowledge I gained from this experience ranged from pacing tactics, race day nutrition, adapting to different race conditions, mental toughness, and much more. On race day I felt calm and prepared. I knew I was properly trained both physically and mentally to have a great race. I was completely set on my pacing and nutrition plan which was a very calming feeling. Even my family felt at ease knowing I had such a detailed plan in place for the race.”



“I was looking for not only the right kind of workouts to do, but instructions on how to do them and what aspects of individual workouts to pay the most attention to.  All of this was delivered well.  I was also counting on someone making the adjustments necessary to account for weaknesses or to recognize fatigue that might not have been expected at that stage of the buildup.  I think the latter point is one of the benefits of having a coach with constant 2-way feedback that a fixed 10-month program would not offerThe ongoing conversations we had were great – you were asking questions when I did not think that I needed more info.  Most importantly, you explained what the workouts were meant to achieve, what we were building to.  The encouragement was great.”


“With a busy wife, 2 active kids, and a demanding job, my training needed to be focused and efficient. Kevin delivered a program that provided what I needed – structured but still flexible enough to deal with those family and job related events that are part of life. The monitoring and feedback that Kevin provided was invaluable – it kept me honest and motivated.

 The Race Day advice and plan that Kevin provided was the icing on the cake – it allowed me to focus on what mattered instead of worrying about all the logistical and nutritional issues that could seriously mess-up the experience.

 I have no problem in highly recommending Kevin to anyone looking for a tri coach!”