Looking Ahead to 2013

So it’s mid-September and another triathlon season has ended for most of us in Southern Ontario. This time of year means several things to triathletes. Running races, fall rides, Hawaii Ironman World Championships and looking ahead to the next triathlon season, the topic of this blog.

This was my fourteenth season of triathlon and I enjoy it as much now as ever. It’s amazing that I found this sport. One of the many things I enjoy about triathlon is putting a plan together, with the understanding that a plan, is only a plan, and what actually happens can be much different. Regardless, it’s an important process.

Before I get into the planning for next year, it’s important to mention that one of the most important things to do at this time of year, once all of your racing is done, is to take a proper break from structured training. This can mean different things to different people, and take different amounts of time, but however you take a break, the goal is to be fresh mentally and physically to launch into another season of training.

As I start 2013 planning, for myself and athletes I coach, I wanted to share with you the things I think about as I go through the process. Hopefully some of these points apply to you and can help you plan for next season and ultimately help you to have a great 2013 season.



I know that for 2013 my key races will be Mallorca 70.3 in May and Ironman Mont-Tremblant in August. There will be other races and events throughout the year, but these are the races that my training and racing will be planned around.

What are your key races for 2013? Are you moving up to a distance you’ve never taken on before, or are you trying to improve at a distance you have done before? This certainly will have an impact on what your training will look like.



I like to look back at performances from the past season and see if there are weaknesses that need to be addressed. If you have some obvious weaknesses this should have an impact on what your training looks like, so this is a key step.

What sport is your weakness? What is your plan to address that weakness? Do you tend to train more in the sports you are good at?

Remember this; you probably don’t need to completely overhaul your training but don’t be afraid of making changes. You can’t really expect an improvement if you do the same training that you did last year.


In my next blog entry I’ll continue this discussion and talk about scheduling, goals and changing bad habits. In the meantime, happy planning and enjoy your break from structured training.

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