Looking Ahead To 2013: Part 3

This is the final installment on this topic focused on changing bad habits, new equipment and addressing injuries. You can still view the first two parts of this 3-part series about planning for your 2013 triathlon season Part 1  Part 2  



What a great time of year to get focused on changing some bad habits that impact your training and performance in a negative way. Here are some that I think are the most important and also some of the most neglected by many people. If you ask yourself honestly you know that some of these are an issue.


#1  – Sleep!

Are you getting enough of it? 7-8 hours most nights? I have managed to make this change over the last 6 months and it wasn’t easy but it has made a big difference for me, mostly in making me more enthusiastic about my training, because I am less tired. One way to make this change is to get up at the same time each day. You will find yourself tired in the evening and therefore going to bed earlier. Also, before I go to bed I decide what I am going to do when I wake in the morning, so I have a very concrete reason to get up. That reason might be a workout or getting some work done, but the decision is made the night before, not when I’m lying in my bed, in a daze, looking for excuses not to get out of bed.

Do not underestimate the impact of regularly not getting enough sleep. It impacts your recovery and over time impacts the consistency of your training.


#2 – Food and Water

Are you making the right choices for food? Are you drinking enough water during the day?

Pre-cut vegetables so that they are easy to grab, rather than a less healthy snack. Having pre-cut vegetables makes it easier to make a health dinner too. Some of the prep work is already done.

To help with proper hydration, fill a container with water in the morning and make it your goal to finish it by the end of the day. Most of us are not drinking enough water and this impacts the quality of workouts and recovery.



If you are considering some new equipment, I think it would be smart to get that settled as soon as you can, now that we are into the New Year. You can start training with that equipment and be comfortable with it well before you will be racing.

If you are getting a new bike, there is a lot of time to put in before you will be comfortable. This includes the time to arrange and get a fitting on your new bike. Even a new saddle may require a fitting.

Take care of these things well ahead of time and before the time commitment for training increases.



If you have any injuries hopefully you have been seeing someone to get them addressed, but if not, no time to waste. Get those pesky injuries taken care of so you can build your volume properly and avoid a re-occurrence. If you are building towards a spring or early summer race, time will pass very quickly and there may be less time to build than it seems. Get those injuries sorted and build appropriately.


Here’s to a great start to 2013 and an enjoyable few months of indoor training before we get to head outdoors again!

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