As an experienced triathlete with a young family, Kevin appreciates the challenges that come with balancing training, family, work and proper rest.  His passion for sharing the gift of sport with others, plus his experiences and certifications all contribute to Kevin’s balanced approach to his coaching and to his own training.

Kevin is passionate about getting athletes started, helping many run their first race and cross their first finish line.  He is also dedicated to athletes reaching new heights by going faster, going further or BOTH, helping many achieve that magical distance of an Ironman or marathon.


In addition to his own coaching Kevin is an instructor at WattsUp cycling. Working with WattsUp athletes and coaches gives Kevin another perspective, frequently interacting with athletes of very different backgrounds with different training goals. It is very valuable to see what motivates different athletes as they train indoors to improve for the upcoming season and to see how they overcome struggles they encounter on the journey to achieving their goals.






Kevin’s coaching credentials are balanced with over 17 years of triathlon experience and accomplishments ranging from Sprint to Ironman distances, and running accomplishments ranging from 5K to marathon.  His credentials include:

  • Triathlon Ontario Trained Triathlon Coach
  • Manager/Instructor/performance tester at WattsUp indoor cycling facility
  • Triathlon Coach of the Thornhill Triathlon Club (2010-2012)
  • Ironman PB – 10:16 (Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2013)
  • Half Ironman PB (flat) – 4:32 (Barrelman 2016), Half Ironman PB (hilly) – 4:39 (Tremblant 2017)
  • Marathon PB – 3:16 (Toronto 2007)
  • Half Marathon PB – 1:27:40 (Toronto 2014)
  • 10K PB – 37:45 (Oakville 2010)

He is committed to leveraging his experiences, while continuing to remain current in the world of endurance sport to provide the best services to his athletes.