2017 TREMBLANT 70.3 – RACE REPORTJune 29th, 2017 For all the racing I've been fortunate to do, there is no location I enjoy more than Mont Tremblant. The village is ideal as a race venue. The organization,...

Multisport Coaching

getFASTERgoFURTHER is a coaching service specializing in one-on-one multisport training

Kevin McCormick, Certified Coach, Owner

I specialize in training age group triathletes, runners, and cyclists of all levels. Based in Toronto and servicing clients all across the GTA, I am motivated by seeing my athletes not only achieve their goals, but also benefit from their journey to success.

The coaching you will receive will be specific to your goals, your experience, your level and your communication style. I take pride in being able to adapt to the specific needs of my clients. The service you receive is about you as an athlete and person, not about me as your coach.

As a busy age group athlete, you can expect the following benefits from coaching:

• Personalized short and long term plans that keeps you focused, motivated and accountable

• A coach to adjust your plan as needed to keep you challenged yet physically and mentally fresh to remain on track with your training

• A voice of encouragement, motivation and understanding as you prepare for an event that is important to you

• Training at the right intensities to make sure you are getting the proper adaptations from your workouts

• A source of information so that you not only improve your ability but become educated about the process too

Mental Preparation Techniques

 Race strategy planning

 Race nutrition planning